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I am glad I found this website and will keep it in my favs. I have been looking for affirmations of my kind and I am excited to have discovered this website!!!!! Thank you!

Love and Light,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and confirming some things that we start to suspect during the journey of life and thank you for adding so much more. Thanks, yours is a great site to find.


Recently discovered your site. What a great help your articles have been. I think I am finally getting this now... It all makes so much more sense; i.e. What we focus on all day is our reality and it is subject to change as we change our thoughts and really absorb the feelings of our desired reality.. Thank you for providing this site... I do love it...

Bless you,

I am most grateful our paths have crossed. May I take the time to also thank you for the various thoughts your newsletter shares. So please keep doing what you do and realize that your words are most welcomed.

Heidi Walczak
Reflexologist, Nutritionist
& The Good Witch

Acceptance Mark


Cedarfire Title

Tools for Your Mind, Soul and Spirit
To Empower You and Transform Your Life


Affirmation of the Day

Open Your Mind To Accept
All The Best That Life Has To Offer

"Energy flows where attention goes" isn't just a platitude. It's the uncomfortable truth that you live with and use everyday. When you don't realize where your focus is, you tend to manifest what you're unconsciously paying attention to.

  • Do you feel blocked in life?
  • Are you arguing for your limitations, thus making them a reality?
  • Do you know that you're getting in your own way, but don't know how? Or what to do about it?
  • Are you frustrated with trying to figure out how to use the Law of Attraction?

Learn To Think Differently
About Yourself And Your Life

You have the power within you to change anything in your world. The outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world. As you change your attitudes and beliefs on the inner planes, the outer planes change automatically.

You Can:

  • Feel empowered
  • Recognize your true worth
  • Experience peace of mind
  • Have more prosperity and abundance
  • Move forward confidently
  • Release self-sabotaging ideas and behaviors
  • Be healthier
  • Claim your good
  • Have a sense of well-being
  • Be joyful

Open Your Mind To New Possibilities

As soon as you begin to entertain that something better is available to you, your mind begins to seek out the opportunities to attract it into your life. Your mind is a magnet that attracts experiences, good and not-so-good, to you. You have the power to change your mind, thinking, beliefs and attitudes and thereby improve your quality of life.

Realize Your Full Potential

You are a part of the Universal Whole. You are constantly guided by the Universe into a greater expression of yourself. But how much of it you experience depends on how much you accept. As your conscious mind focuses on a goal, your subconscious takes that impression and creates a mold or pattern. The Universe then pours Itself into that mold and appears in your life. Changing the old patterns, beliefs and attitudes allows more of Universal Good to come into your life.

I'm Linda-Ann Stewart, a life coach, speaker, author and certified hypnotherapist. As a dedicated student of spirituality, metaphysics and the Law of Attraction for over forty years, I know how changing your attitude can dramatically change your life experience. Since 1990, my clients have tapped into the power of their minds to change their lives. I've helped people recognize new possibilities and realize their true potential.

The Cedarfire Name Explained

I named this site "Cedarfire" because the "Cedar" tree was sacred to the ancients, and signifies rational good and truth. "Fire" represents Divine Love, Spirit, wisdom, energy and transformation. Together, they incorporate the rational and the elemental, the analytical and the essence, the conscious and subconscious. The logo in the upper left corner of this page is a Cedar Tree of Life with a transforming flame climbing up through the center.

Come explore - and discover for yourself that you can reconnect with your Spirit.

Bookmark this site and visit often to see the new things that will be offered.

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